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Cardio Tennis — Cardio Tennis (drop in) — 1/24/2023

Starts 6:00 AM Ends 7:00 AM

Every weekday - $25 per session
Contact Host (Tom Palmer)

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Enrollment is closed.


Hit a lot of balls - have fun!

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What is Cardio Tennis?

Cardio Tennis is first and foremost a fitness program. It is more about getting people moving and active and less on hitting great forehands and backhands. In Cardio Tennis the goal is to train in the zones for 30- 50 minutes in a 60 minute workout; the only way to determine this is by using a heart rate monitor. The heart rate monitor is the most accurate way to measure a participant’s heart rate. It will help you attain your goals whether it is weight loss, improve fitness or maintain fitness.


Polar heart rate monitors are used to advise you of your current heart rate and notify you when you exceed or drop below your optimum cardio zone. Click the video on the right for more details.

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